The Prayer that keeps me and my family safe


Today, I will be sharing a powerful, personal prayer with you.

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

This is one of the prayers that I have been praying for protection ever since the pandemic began which caused fear, anxiety, and loss.

This prayer is Bible based and has a strong foundational truth. It has worked for me and kept my family safe all through this season of uncertainty and panic. I am thankful and give all glory to God.

First, I would like to explain where this prayer originated from.

Exodus chapter 12 describes God’s plan to release the people of Israel, working as slaves for Pharaoh and oppressed by their bosses, the Egyptian taskmasters.

Ironically, these slaves are God’s chosen people, destined for a great future.

These were a people, who were supposed to carry the command of God ‘Be fruitful and multiply, subdue nations, take dominion over everything…

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