Holy Rosary

Rosary with Scripture – Luminous Mysteries (Thursdays)

Rosary with Scripture – Luminous Mysteries (Thursdays)


The “Rosary with Scripture – Luminous Mysteries” focus on the biblical accounts of the lives of Jesus and the Apostles from the start of Jesus’s ministry at his baptism in the Jordan River to the Last Supper with the Apostles on the night of his arrest in the Garden.

The Luminous Mysteries (also knowns as The Mysteries of Light) are generally prayed on Thursdays; although they can be prayed on any day in accordance with one’s private devotion.

“Rosary with Scripture” Playlist – https://bit.ly/RosaryWithScripture

The Luminous Mysteries:
† The Baptism in the Jordan – 02:45
† The Wedding at Cana – 08:14
† The Proclamation of the Kingdom – 13:18
† The Transfiguration – 18:25
† The Institution of the Holy Eucharist – 23:12

Do you want to continue to the Sorrowful Mysteries? Click this link below:
† The Agony in the Garden – https://youtu.be/qiC2pvQLx7s

The Rosary with Scripture series:
† The Joyful Mysteries – https://youtu.be/BiKFh2osoXk
† The Luminous Mysteries – https://youtu.be/7PWigTDXzZM
† The Sorrowful Mysteries – https://youtu.be/qiC2pvQLx7s
† The Glorious Mysteries – https://youtu.be/XO9QPsMiNZI

We extend our sincerest thanks to the following people for their participation in this “Rosary with Scripture” prayer series. Their contributions will assist many people in their daily Rosary devotion:

John Ernst
Raquel Garcia
Elizabeth Lund
Matthew Michael Meszaros
Michelle N.
Jim & Vickie Shepherd
Alison Smith
Don W.
Teseena Xavier

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