Running on Grace


Nicky: “Runng late again! But see you SOON”

Jean: “Wish I could run”

Nicky: ” I don’t run anymore But know I need to start running more – towards Jesus”

Nicky is the younger with husband, two young adult children and a job as a Teaching Assistant keeping her on the go No time for running Shoes.

Jean is the the older woman, who can only sigh for the times when ‘The Springfield Whippet” was her nickname.

Revd Barrie just recovered from Covid, regularly dons his running shoes and to ease his way back to fitness is preparing to deliver the Easter ‘flyers’ through Rowley’s letter boxes.

“It will do him good,” Dr Katie, Barrie’s wife told Churchwarden, Yvonne.

So three people, five with Yvonne who does her running, her way, and Dr Katie all running, ON GRACE.

Everyone entered in the race of life is running on GRACE.


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