There is no hiding place


We are all the same, but different!

So you think,

You can hide!

Blend in

No one will know you are here,

Hidden away,


Oh my friend, you are so wrong;

One in heaven knows you are here and

There is no hiding place for you, He knows –

Your name –

It’s written on the palm of His hand;

Knows your thoughts too –

Every single one, the bad as well as the good.

You know what?

My friend the Holy One, bends low

To whisper your name,

Not your neighbours name –

Your name.

You know what my friend?

God is calling you by name.

He wants you!

For the day that He makes up His jewels.

What should your answer be?

What else except…..

“Here I am Lord!”

From a pew filler who thought it better not to add their name to this.

The writer had…

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