KANNIL KANNEER | VERPAAD | Kester | Michas Koottumkal | Mathews Payyappilly | DEATH SONG | MALAYALAM

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ഉപവാസത്തിനും പ്രാർത്ഥനക്കും ശക്തിയുണ്ട് – SIsy Jose

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Souls’ tears, or: Nigh

The Skeptic's Kaddish 🇮🇱

My first Fibonacci poems in rhyming Sestina form


So cry...
Oh, to fly,
Oh, to soar sky high!
Need I, need I write what comes nigh?


Get high?
Human, I.
Nigh, shall my soul fly;
Skies pouring forth tears that souls cry.


I'll fly
To my Why.
Just sweet Why and I,
Eulogizing ourselves from high.


Shall I
When the nigh
Night shall arrive. Why
Were men given no wings to fly?


Dear Why!
Will you Cry
When the night is nigh?
Need you cry for a one like I?


Night nigh.
Rise up high,
Wondering: why cry?
Wingless, merely a soul, to Why.

VII – Haiku

I weep from on high,
Fly, raining tears men shall cry,
Nigh to join the Why

d’Verseis taking a break for the holidays so…

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12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas and Some Creative Lies to Support Your Lack of Planning

Bonnywood Manor

Note: Another twisted chestnut from my archival stocking, thus explaining a few of the dated references…

1. Slim Jims from the corner convenience store.

[Take cheap plastic meat out of cheap plastic packaging prior to arrival. Wrap meat in the ugly silk scarf that Cousin Edna tossed your way 20 years ago and you’ve never worn.] “This is a special friendship log that I ordered for you from Bolivia. It was hand-made by hundred-year-old nuns in a convent dedicated to the sausage-making skills of St. Felicia the Sturdy-Limbed. They have taken a vow of silence, so I don’t really know what’s in it, yet legend has it that you will now be fertile whenever fertility might be necessary. But you might want to stay away from Bolivian sacrificial ceremonies if your loins start to tingle, especially if there is an active volcano nearby.”

2. The leftover plastic cap from a…

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सूरज से गुफ्तगू #43

Aesthetic Miradh

तू सोचता होगा की तूने सिर्फ मुझे सताया है
पर तूने मुझे खुद से ज़्यादा जलाया हैं
तू सोचता होगा की तूने सिर्फ अपनी दास्तान रौशन की हैं
पर तूने हर कोशिश के साथ मेरे हौसले को उड़ने की आहट दी हैं

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Freddie Mercury online – Dedicated to Freddie Mercury

The recording was filmed in 1977 when Queen played Inglewood, California just three days before Christmas and gave an impromptu performance of the holiday classic ‘White Christmas’. Freddie Mercury singing an emotional cover of ‘White Christmas‘ is everything we didn’t know we needed this festive season. The special recording from 1977 captures the atmospheric audio … Continue reading Freddie Mercury online – Dedicated to Freddie Mercury

Profit & Loss Worksheet

Priya's Learning Centre

Q.1: Find the gain or loss:

a) C.P = Rs 1250, S.P = Rs 1000

b) C.P = Rs 12,000, S.P = Rs 9,000

c) C.P = Rs 1750, S.P = Rs 1840

Q.2: Word Problems:

a) If a watch purchased for Rs 120 is sold for Rs 185, then find the loss or profit made in the deal.

b) Ganesh bought a bike for Rs 45,000 and sold it for Rs 36,000. Find the loss or profit made in the deal.

c) The cost price of a chair is Rs 885. If it is sold at a loss of Rs 35, then find its selling price.

d) Dave purchased an old radio for Rs 619 and he spent Rs 81 on repairs. Then, he sold it for Rs 700. Find the profit or loss made in this deal.

e) Find the cost price, if the selling price is Rs…

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How To Stop The Endless Editing?

Writing about...Writing

Do you have a habit of editing and editing and editing and editing your first draft until you notice it looks nothing like the original piece? Do you find that helpful or annoying?

You’re striving for perfection. I get that. I do that too. The thing is that perfection can sometimes become a barrier instead of a tool. Striving for perfection might slow you down from growing your audience because you produce far less content.

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