Where is Mary Magdalene in the Bible? by: Philip Koslosk

On God's Payroll


Mary Magdalene is mentioned by name 13 times in the New Testament, nearly all of them in connection to Jesus’ Passion and resurrection.

Mary Magdalene is one of the most misunderstood characters in the Gospels, as much of her reputation is based on extra-biblical sources. It can be difficult to sort through these legends to discover what is true and what is false, but what is relatively easy to do is simply identify those Bible passages that mention her by name.

In the Gospels, Mary Magdalene is mentioned 13 times, and nearly all of these passages are connected to Jesus’ Passion, death, and resurrection.

For example, if a person were to open the New Testament and start reading, the first specific mention of her name occurs in the Gospel of Matthew, and it isn’t until Jesus’ death on the cross.

There were many women there…

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