NOVENA TO ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS : Day 9 | Priest and Doctor of the Church, Mystic, Carmelite Friar

NOVENA TO ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS : Day 9 | Priest and Doctor of the Church, Mystic, Carmelite Friar

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FEAST DAY: December 14
9TH DAY NOVENA: December 13
PATRON SAINT OF: Contemplative life, contemplatives, Mystical theology, mystics, Spanish poets

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O glorious Saint John of the Cross, great Doctor of the Church, who, from very longing to be configured to Christ crucified, didst desire nothing more ardently, even to the last moment of thy holy life, than to suffer and to be despised and rejected of all men; and so great was thy thirst for suffering, that thy generous heart was filled with joy in the midst of most painful torments and afflictions; I beseech thee, dear Saint, by the glory thou didst merit by thy manifold sufferings, intercede for me with Almighty God and obtain for me love of suffering, together with grace and strength to endure all tribulations and adversities with dauntless courage; for these are the sure means of coming into the possession of that crown of glory which is prepared for me in heaven.

Ah yes, dear Saint, from that high and glorious throne where thou sittest triumphant, hear, I beseech thee, my earnest entreaties, that, following thee, I may become a lover of the Cross and of suffering, and thus may merit to be thy companion in glory. Amen.

O my loving Father, St. John of the Cross, who in order more perfectly to imitate our Lord renounced so generously every consolation, even spiritual, praying only to suffer and to be despised for God’s sake and who finally died in intense suffering, happy to be condemned by men, obtain for me the grace of perfect abandonment to the holy will of God, that placing all my joy and my hope in the passion of my Saviour, I may at last rest eternally with Thee in His glory.
Obtain for me also the special grace I ask through thy intercession during this Novena, if it be for the glory of God and for my salvation…
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Say the Litany to St. John of the Cross

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