That style of teaching was the reason for their success


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Does success depend on a learner’s ability to grasp or is it resting on a teacher’s ability to teach?

With experience, I observed that it is the teaching methodology that brings out the best in a learner which often leads to his or her success.

When  Jesus taught, wisdom flowed.

He made His teaching lucid, uncomplicated, and accessible to everyone with a willingness to listen and learn.

Reading through the Gospels you seldom find Jesus in organised, religious settings, instead you find Jesus climbing hills, walking by the beach, at a wedding, in Simon the leper’s home, in Mary and Martha’s house, sitting at Jacob’s well etc.

You also find Him sailing across the lake, in a borrowed boat!

Isn’t it hard to think of the Son of God so down-to-earth, literally?

His teaching technique, style, and the manner with which Jesus performs…

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