Mel: The Dome of the Rock isn’t from the 7th century!

Mel: The Dome of the Rock isn’t from the 7th century!


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Mel is moving back to the Dome of the Rock once again, due to some rather startling, new and exciting research being carried out by A. J. Deus, which, hopefully, will change everything we know, or at least have been told about the ‘Dome of the Rock’s historical origins.

This first video concerns what Deus has found, and introduces 7 areas which confront everything we had assumed to be true, what Mel calls the “Dome of the Rock’s 7 Holes”:

1.Our earliest reference to a Dome of the Rock (i.e. a Dome over the Temple Mount foundation rock) is not until the late 9th century.

2.Our earliest verifiable witness to the Dome of the Rock’s mosaics, and the inner arcade inscriptions as they presently exist today is not until 1523-1543AD.

3.The earliest witnessed inscription concerning who built the Dome was from 1523-1543AD, and
it tells us that Umar, the Jewish king from Hira in Iraq, built it, not Abd al-Malik!

4.The earliest verifiable date for the creation of the Abd Al-Malik’s inscription is 1720-1744 AD!

5.The complete re-building of the Dome’s drum (from the ground up) from an octagonal shape to a circular shape is not until the mid 18th century!

6.The mosaics and inscriptions on the drum and the dome are 18th century creations!

7.The earliest verifiable date for the creation of the “Al Ma’mun” correction is sometime between 1817 and 1833 AD!

These 7 historical findings completely confront the notion that the Dome of the Rock was built by Abd al-Malik in the late 7th century, or that the inner arcade inscriptions confronting the person of Jesus Christ, and introducing the prophet Muhammad, are nothing more than much later redactions.

© Pfander Centre for Apologetics – US, 2022
(64,570) Music: “Townsong” by Alexander Nakarada, from filmmusic-io


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